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How do I make my customers remember my brand? This is, what every marketer and event producer should be most concerned about. In order to make your event stick in your guests’ mind, read  7 creative event branding ideas. Only when the attendees remember your brand, they can be converted into customers. So how do […]

Whenever you want to organize an event, the prior planning is crucial for its success. It is important to take your time and to think carefully about the first steps. You define numerous variables like the objective, the date or the size of the event. According to the extent of the event and the estimated […]

With the emergence of Siri and Alexa, chatbots have become extraordinarily popular in the recent years. Whether you want to get the directions to the next fuel station, buy flowers or book a flight – a chatbot makes it possible! But how can a chatbot actively help you and your event management? It is extremely […]

While the Brazilian carnival certainly enjoys high popularity around the world, there are other carnival festivities that you need to know, if you consider yourself a globetrotter. One example is the German Carnival (in German: Karneval). The beginning of the carnival session The traditional annual celebrations start on November, 11th at 11.11 am. The undisputed […]

You have probably already heard about carnival in Brazil and you associate it with thousands of people celebrating on the streets, colorful costumes (one even crazier than the other) and samba schools competing against each other in pure joy. But what exactly makes this carnival one of the most famous celebrations in the world? What […]