7 creative event branding ideas

How do I make my customers remember my brand? This is, what every marketer and event producer should be most concerned about. In order to make your event stick in your guests’ mind, read  7 creative event branding ideas.

Only when the attendees remember your brand, they can be converted into customers. So how do you get it right? People tend to recall things, when they have been personally touched and actively involved. That is why you should try to “tell a story” about your brand or event. What are the key values, that represent you? What kind of event is it, that you are holding? And most importantly: Who is your audience? If you answered all those questions, align your story and event branding material according to it.

Idea #1: Create Geofilters on Snapchat

Filters on Snapchat are a very inexpensive and innovative way to get your guests involved with your event. You can create your own, personalized geofilter on Snapchat’s website by uploading an image, e.g. your brand logo, or using one of the templates. After choosing the design, you can set the date and specific area, that you want people to see your filter (geofence area). An area of around 5,000 m² for one day will cost around $7 USD (as of March 2018). Just remember: It only works with an audience, who is familiar with the Snapchat app.

Idea #2: Use Social Media photo props

Another awesome branding material can be photo props. Young people love to take pictures and share them on Social Media. In order to use this insight, use photo props and frames with your logo. Either one of your staff members or a professional photographer may take pictures and post them on your social media account(s) straight after. This way, you can win new followers and make people tag themselves in your posts. Expect to spend around $10 –30 USD for a set of photo props.

Idea #3: Create an after-movie

Creating an after-movie is a great opportunity to get your attendees involved! You can, for example, conduct small interviews of your attendees and make them talk about their experiences and thoughts about the event. Show your event and its attendees from its most attractive side! It will not only get your guests involved during, but also after the event. You can even use the video as a teaser for your next event! Videos as well as photos can be perceived much faster than plain text. In addition, some people may prefer to watch videos instead of reading long lists of information.  

Idea #4: Use the small things for branding

If it is cupcakes, badges, lanyards or napkins. They are predestined for your event branding. Purchase for example small stickers or cupcake toppers with your logo or funny remarks on it. It will catch the attention of your guest and make them aware of your brand in a subtler way than big banners of your brand.

Idea #5: Distribute swag bags

This may not be the newest ideas for event branding, but definitely one that you should not forget about. Because who doesn’t love to get something for free? It makes sense to adapt the giveaways according to the event type (e.g. formal or informal). If possible, try to personalize the gifts by adding some individual touch, e.g. imprinting the initials of a person. It may be more likely that the person keeps the gift, if he/she knows that someone invested more time and thought in it.

Idea #6: Wristbands

Wristbands are becoming increasingly fashionable and some festival goers keep them for years to remember the event. If you think, that your audience would be keen on wristbands, have a look at the different kinds of bands:

  •    Tyvek wristbands (non-tearable paper)
  •    Plastic wristbands
  •    Silicone wristbands
  •    Vinyl wristbands
  •    Woven wristbands and more

Tyvek wristbands for example can be printed with names, logos, slogans, hashtags, the event sponsors or even proverbs.

Idea #7: Use a chatbot

A chatbot is an automated program, that serves as a virtual personal assistant. It deploys Artificial Intelligence (abbr.: AI) technology to interact with people. It can ameliorate the experience of your guests and answer questions that may arise. If you want to know, how chatbots can simplify your event, read about it on our blog.


Are you getting excited about your next event already? You may consider those 7 tips to make it an even greater success! And if you need any help to manage your guest, count on Lets.events. You can create your first event and experiment, by clicking here