Lets.events a Brazilian Startup

Have you ever heard about Lets.events before? Do you know what we do and who’s idea was to create this startup? We are a brazilian startup and I invite you to learn more about us and how come a problem became a business opportunity.

Nowadays, we live in an entrepreneurship era where more and more young people are willing to establish their own business for many reasons such as lack of job opportunities, finding unexplored (attractive) market niches or they just don’t want to work for a company.

First of all, what is the difference between entrepreneur and startup founder?

“An entrepreneur is an individual that looks for business opportunities and creates ways to make those businesses become profitable. They try hard to create a viable business, not one that has a vague hope of succeeding. Mean while, a startup founder creates a business that will someday become successful. They create a product or a service to change the world.”



At age 22 Andre Araujo, founder of Lets.events, with a friend decided to open a bar. The business grew up quickly and became one of the most famous nightclubs in Belo Horizonte. However, the lack of experience left them no other choice but to close down. For the next few years Andre spent a lot of his time planning events and promoting a music band in several bars around the city.

By the 2000s Andre, with more experience working on events and nightclubs, decided to associate with some friends to open a show house bar called “Utopica Marcenaria”. It turned out to be a very successful nightclub and still continues operating at the present time. During its first years Andre and his business partners have realized that in order to keep running the nightclub they had to design different marketing strategies to maintain their clients and get new ones. This type of business usually lasts short period of time, one or two years at most.

An important and decisive fact that contributed to nightclub success was implementing guest lists as part of their marketing strategies. These lists were created by the clients who wanted to throw parties for special occasions like birthdays, halloween or even new years. Once list was created, they received exclusive benefits; for example, one free drink. To access these benefits they had to arrive before 10 pm. The point of this strategy was to fill up soon the nightclub so it created that effect of more people wanting to get in. This way their business started to grow exponentially.

What was the main reason that led them to create a Startup?

Despite of this successful strategy, they have found some setbacks in the way. Managing guest lists in paper turned out to be very complicated to the people in charged of the entrance. They had a folder filled with lists. Clients would wait a lot of time to check if their names were on the list before entering to the bar. Another problem was that most of the clients sent by email several lists for the same event because they needed to do some changes like adding or deleting names in the lists. Therefore, this had created a lot of confusion and waste of time. For this and other many reasons the owners had to find a solution.

A Guest List Tool Was Created!

They needed to take care of the guest list problem right away, so they came up with an idea of creating a type of tool where they could manage guest lists in one place in order to save time, paper and confusions. To carry out this idea, Andre needed to find software developers (expert level) and he was lucky to meet Guilherme Marques and Samuel Brandão. The three of them started to develop a platform that could do the following tasks: ad and manage the names of the guest lists and do the check-in to enter the bar. Thanks to this project, the idea of founding a startup was conceived. They called it Lets.events, and the main purpose was to offer the platform to nightclubs. Since then they have been transforming and improving the platform to adapt to their customers needs.

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