How to organize a guest list for your event with Lets.Events

Whenever you want to organize an event, the prior planning is crucial for its success. It is important to take your time and to think carefully about the first steps. You define numerous variables like the objective, the date or the size of the event. According to the extent of the event and the estimated attendees, you need to plan the logistics. To keep track of the guests, a guest list management system is very insightful and helps you to arrange your ideas for your project.

Lets.Events is a platform, which assists you with this task. It provides a hassle-free solution to manage guest lists for your event.

Whether you are an experienced event organizer or new in the field, the customizable management tool from Lets.Events offers a lot of features to obtain an overview of your upcoming event. Have a look at the advantages of the platform in the following:

Manage more than one guest list – multiple guest lists

No matter the size of your event, the service allows you to create as many lists as you need to invite as many guests as you wish. You will be able to manage not only your guests, but also the required staff, catering, DJ or discount lists. Likewise, you could invite friends to your private birthday party. Any kind of event can be planned with our platform. And you always have the options to make your event visible for the general public or to keep it private.

To make life easy for you, there are many options to add invitees to your lists: copy and paste your guests’ details, add them manually or simply import from Excel or Facebook. And what is even more important: You can create those lists in no time and share them on social media – to reach all the people you wish to inform about your event.

Analyze your event before it happens

Our service provides data about your guests and thus supports your decision making. At any time, you can see how many people confirmed your invitation so far. This information will help you to make better plans and understand the size of your event.

You will be able to see the status of your event at one glance. Just log in to your account and access your guest list management. 

Attendees manage their own lists

This feature can especially help event planners or event venue owners: To create a smoother process, you can allow your customers to manage lists on their own. This way, it will be easier for your clients to add guests to the lists or to make changes without repeatedly contacting you or your team.

Your audience in real time

If you use paper-based guest lists, you can easily lose track of your guests. The bigger the event, the more difficult it is to manage. A great advantage of our platform is the ability to see the event data in real time. It becomes immediately apparent, how many guests confirmed to partake and how many have already checked-in.

Synced check-in

Forget about the old paperwork and printed lists and say hello to the online tool! It has never been so easy to check in your guests and avoid long queues. Simply type in the names or set filters to find them on the respective list. Check the current status of your event on the web or on your mobile phone  at any time (iOS, Android available soon). Via iOS, it is also possible to do the check-in offline. When using multiple devices, they will automatically synchronize. Just make sure, that the devices have a working internet connection.

Detailed reports

For your future marketing strategies, we provide useful reports and diagrams containing valuable information about your guests’ public profile, age range, birthday, gender, the number of attendances and more. Take a look at the reports after your event took place to measure its success. Get information about your attendees and use those data to make your next event even more successful!

If you are interested in using our platform for your planning, go to our website and create your first event. Since it is free of charge, you take no risks and can enjoy all our features! 


In case you have any doubts, need more support or want to give us a feedback, feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected]