Guest list app for better events is a hassle free guest list organizer, registration and check-in tool that simplifies the management of events of any size.
Listas Manage multiple guest lists See more
Analise Analyze your event before it happens See more
Gerenciamento Attendees manage their own lists See more
Audiencia Your audience in real time See more
CheckIn Synced check-in See more
Relatorios Detailed reports See more

Manage multiple guest lists

Create your guest lists in seconds and share them on social networks to viralize your event. With Lets you can set the day and time to close your lists, import invitees from Excel sheets or Facebook Events, plus several features to streamline your work. All simple and fast.


Analyze your event before it happens

The number of people who put their names on the list and confirmed their presence is an important data that helps estimate the amount of public that will attend your event. This information helps you to make strategic decisions, such as how to properly size the stock and the number of needed employees, generating savings and better quality of service.

Allow attendees to manage their own lists

Now your customers can manage their own guest lists without repeatedly contacting you and your team to make changes or adding new names.


Simplify and improve the job of your promoters

From now on your promoters will have more autonomy to manage their own lists, monitor in real time how many people from their lists checked-in and also invite people by sharing links on social networks. Evaluate and compare the effectiveness of each promoter.

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Your audience in real time

Before and during the event, you will be able to monitor online and in real-time how many people have put their names on the lists and how many people have checked in at your event.

Synced check-in

No more wasting time looking for names on multiple sheets of paper and forming long queues. Check people in with much more agility with our automatic name search, counters and filters. You can check-in using multiple devices and they will synchronize automatically.

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More detailed reports

Easily get reports containing the number of attendees for each event with their public profile, age range, birthday, gender, number of attendances and more. All this information is organized and ready to leverage your marketing strategy through mailing or social media engagement.